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“The Forward Stroke Which Gives You Stability As You Paddle”

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If your forward stroke doesn’t give you bracing support as you paddle you will have to react with a quick brace when you lose balance. You will be more tense when you paddle in rough water, and it will limit where you can paddle.


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  • You want to go faster with less effort
  • You want to feel stable as you paddle so you don’t have to react with a brace that could fail
  • You want to feel confident and relaxed when the wind comes up
  • You want kayaking to be easy on the body

What You Get:

  • Video course for developing your forward stroke with the Greenland paddle
  • Video course for developing your brace with the Greenland paddle, and integrating it with your forward stroke

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Maneuvering In The Wind Video Lesson

If you ever feel like paddling in the wind is hard, this is what you need to learn. In this lesson you learn how to use the wind to help you control your kayak. Without applying these techniques most people will fight against the wind.


Learn A Forward Stroke Which Gives You Support

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