Who Else Would Like To Visit More Remote Wild Places By  Kayak, And Feel Completely At Home And Safe Doing It?

Maybe you feel a special connection with yourself when you are out in nature. And you may enjoy sharing this wilderness experience with friends.  And use that relaxing natural setting to make  your relationships feel more intimate.  Like it was always meant to be.

My passion is to help kayakers be more efficient so they can go further into the wild with less effort. And give them the bracing and rolling skills that allows them to feel at home and relaxed on the ocean. And help them take more life changing trips into the wild.

I started kayaking 16 years ago. Shortly after moving to the coast.

I came straight from 7 years of living in the Yukon bush. I was comfortable in the wild. But I knew nothing about kayaking.

It only took me a few camping trips to realize how I could get in over my head out there.

I was in desperate need of bracing skills.

Every other kayaker I knew were taking normal kayaking lessons. And slowly graduating to a higher certification level.

But I got pulled in a completely different directions early on. It all started after discovering these two videos.

“The Amphibious Man”

“Rolling With Maligiaq”

I felt inspired to develop the skills that would make me feel comfortable on the water. And allow me to explore the hidden west coast jewels.

After much practice, and completely redoing the way my kayak fits me, I was able to do a balance brace. And soon after I was rolling with ease. And being in rough water felt more comfortable for me than for most other kayakers I knew.  Even if they had taken many lessons, and had many more years of experience.

I had learned the techniques from the inventors of the kayak. Based on thousands of years of wisdom. From those I consider to be the most practical people in the world.

I wondered why these techniques were not taught. Why were they only reserved for those who  call themselves a Greenland style paddler.

Teaching the techniques to many paddlers, and seeing the results confirmed what I suspected. These techniques are gold for the kayaker who want peace of mind on the water.

And I made it my mission to make these skills  accessible to all who would enjoy them.

I think it’s time to bring those skills back, and integrate them with modern sea kayaking.

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