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From Paulo Ouellet
-Victoria Canada

Dear kayaker

What you are about to discover are techniques that evolved over thousands of years specifically for surviving on the sea in a kayak. Techniques that are easy and quick to learn, and that will give you the confidence to explore the coast. Techniques that make use of your biggest muscles to give you more power, and kayak control. So that you don't need to be strong to be powerful. 

How are these techniques different?

You may have taken kayak lessons before. And the chances are you learned techniques developed for river kayaking. Or for an athlete competing in the Olympics. And if you are not strong and young it may have left you feeling like kayaking is hard. And like you may never get that competence to allow you to explore the remote locations you long to visit.


Or you may have watched a lot of youtube videos that offer many techniques that you wish you had. Only to feel frustrated because the exact steps and exercises to get there are missing.

HI Paulo, I've been using you online video for a few years now, starting with the layback rolling one. The most useful thing that I have taken from these videos is that torso rotation really starts at the feet and involves the butt & hips more so then twisting at the waist or shoulders. This has be a great help to me in preparing for upcoming BCU4* assessment & ACA L3 Instructor Certification Exam. My confidence in conditions and ability to maneuver my kayak is vastly improved. Your demonstrations and explanations are clear and concise and yet disclose some techniques that I have not seen in other online video courses.

Ryc Williamson , Portland, Washington

Hi Paulo,

After watching your Layback Roll Tutorial I spent 2 days at the sea trying to do it. First day it did not work, so I went back on the videos and I found out what I was doing wrong. The second day it was a success. Following your steps I got in the balance position without panicking when upside down and then the roll came effortlessly, exactly as you describe it. Now I am not afraid of the uncomfortable position during capsizing and I am looking forward to practicing more and make my roll reliable.

I did not believe that some videos without the physical presence of the instructor would work, but it did and it did really fast!

Andreas Sandalis

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The videos have elevated my skill levels substantially. First, they introduced me to the Greenland paddle. So I dusted off the Greenland that was hanging in our family room and after a month I was converted to being a Greenland paddler.

The videos show how to better maneuver a kayak. For example, now when I turn it’s a stern draw and a bow rudder; it’s automatic. The rolls are one continuous sweep and sculling, bracing and edging are smother.

The videos have given me tools to continually improve my skills. It’s refreshing to learn from a master paddler.

Carl Vopal, Thiensville, Wisconsin

If you are looking to get the most from your kayaking experience and want to extend your abilities, Paulo's bracing videos will help you do that in a methodical way.   Paulo has a way of teaching that allows the student to excel at his own pace and build on prior lessons with ease.

When I first got my Greenland Paddle it was difficult for me to let go of my Euro Paddle techniques and my performance suffered from this.  Paulo has opened another world for me with his patient teaching.  I like the way the videos blend the use of rolling, bracing and sculling to form a solid set of skills that keep me from panic when I find myself in an unfamiliar, dynamic situation that requires immediate action.

My confidence has been greatly increased since I watched and applied these lessons.

Butch Chase, Juneau, Alaska