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The Origin Of The Comfort Paddling Tuilik

Ancient Proven Design, New Fabric Technology

Waterproof/breathable fabric

To keep you dry without making you too hot and sweaty, so you can be comfortable in your adventures.

No spray skirt required

The tuilik seals directly to the cockpit coaming, and is designed to leave you with full range of motion. 

With nothing squeezing your torso.

Neoprene for coaming and face seal

The smooth neoprene gives a good seal on the face and coaming to keep the water out.

Fully adjustable hood

Wear a hat under it for extra warmth.
Wear it loosely to keep the rain and spray out, without getting too hot.
Seal the face keep your head and neck warm and dry while while in the water.

Perfect for practicing the balance brace, or you rolling skills

And also to keep you comfortable for just paddling.

Testimonials from Our Customers

Hey Paulo

Got the Tuilik yesterday. Very comfortable paddling and not a drop of water while rolling. Best investment I have made apart from the kayak itself.

Douglas Blue

I got the tuilik a year ago, with the idea of only using it for rolling. I liked it so much that I have not worn my dry suit since.

It's a fantastic piece of gear that takes paddling to the next level

Dan Gedosch

What's holding you back from enjoying more sea kayak adventures?

The skills that require practice? Hard to practice if it makes you cold and miserable.
The restriction of the skirt? It can stop you from rotating enough for the balance brace, or effortless rolls.
Maybe you get cold in windy conditions, especially if you are getting sprayed by the waves. Not much fun without the gear that keeps you fully protected.
You might have an uncomfortable neck gasket that is strangling you and keeping the heat in so you get too hot and sweaty.

We only have so many adventures left. We need to do everything we can to make them happen.

I've been selling the Comfort Paddling Tuilik for over 12 years

Here are a few independent review.

I have had my Comfort Paddling Tuilik now for 1 year and it remains my paddling top of choice. So much so that I have asked Paulo to make me another one to fit my large cockpit kayaks.

Mike Jackson

It fits perfectly and I tried it on the water doing a few rolls, sculling and braces. I was completely dry and did not even get my hair wet! 

Also, as I suspected, some rolls and braces are easier in the Tuilik than when wearing a drysuit.

David Edworthy

What's the tunnel for?

The purpose of the tunnel is to stop any water that is in your kayak from coming up and getting your chest wet when you are upside down.

If you have dry pants with a tunnel you can roll them together to get a better seal.

You can also just wear it over your dry pants.

How do I order?

I send you an invoice

You can pay with credit card or debit or paypal.

I mail it to you 

I ship within 3 weeks of receiving payment.

3 Colors to choose from


Royal Blue


Choose a color for the top, and one for the bottom

For example the tuilik on the picture has royal for the top and navy for the bottom.


$719 usd

With tunnel





United States



Return Policy

If you're not happy with the tuilik for any reason, here's what you can do.

Let me know within 7 days of receiving it that you want to return it.
Mail it back to me.
I will refund your purchase price less $100.
I will not refund you the shipping cost.

So the most you can lose is the shipping cost Plus $100

Your Questions Answered

How do I determine if I need the tunnel?

If you are wearing the tuilik with dry pants or wetsuit, I would recommend you get the tunnel. If you are wearing the tuilik over a drysuit, I would not get the tunnel.

What happens if I go for a swim?

You will get some water coming in if you come out of your kayak. Here's a video of my doing a wet exit and re entry with the tuilik and dry pants. 

How waterproof is the face seal?

For most people it's a perfect seal. But for some, because of the shape of their face, the seal lets a bit of water in.

What happens if I'm not happy with the fit? Can I return it?

See return policy above for the details.

Is the tuilik good for winter paddling, or for summer paddling?

Because the Tuilik is made of waterproof/breathable fabric, much like a Gore Tex jacket, it is not warm on it's own. But the design is roomy enough to allow you to wear something under it. With a sweater, the t

Tuilik becomes very comfortable for winter paddling. And with a thin shirt, it's comfortable for warmer weather. If it's too hot to wear a Gore Tex jacket the Tuilik will be too hot also.

More questions? Send me an email!

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