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Kayak Gloves


In this video I will show you the new kayaking gloves I got, and how they perform. The main reason for wearing gloves is of course to keep your hands from getting cold. What I find with most gloves or mitts I have tried is that they do a poor job or protecting your wrist, and since the blood has to pass near the surface of the skin to get to the hands, a big part of keeping your hands warm is protecting the wrist.

When your wrists get cold, they don’t move as fast, and when you need to change the angle of the paddle quickly, for bracing, that can be a problem. Warm wrists mean a lot more control in rough water. That’s why I wanted to try these gloves. The small opening looked like it would give me that protection, and control.

The first thing I noticed with these gloves is how supple they are. They were easy to put on, and I feel comfortable putting on my spray skirt, and was even able to get my hood on without taking them off. That’s a first.

The next thing I noticed is how well I can grip the paddle. I really feel like I have control. Even in rough water.

So after a few hours of this kind of stuff, my hands and my wrists were comfortable and warm. There was a little bit of moisture on my hands, probably from sweat, but I didn’t feel any cold water coming in, even after a few rolls.

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