Kayak Lessons bracing

Become Confident In The Waves By Learning Powerful Bracing

This course is for those wanting a strong brace so that they can feel comfortable in the waves. Perfect if you are planning a longer trip, or if you are a beginner who wants to make sure you have the skills to keep yourself safe.

  • You will learn how to use your core muscles to power the brace so that you avoid a paddle that sinks without giving you support
  • You will learn how to integrate your brace with your forward stroke to make it quick, smooth and powerful, without straining your arms and risking a shoulder injury
  • You will learn the low brace, and the high brace and when to use each
  • You will learn to how to always have a low brace ready to catch you where you are edging for a turn
  • You will learn to neutralize the power of a wave that is about to try to knock you over, and use the energy to get support and keep yourself upright, instead of getting pushed over

At the end of this course you will have a strong understanding of how to move your body for a powerful automatic brace. You will be a lot more comfortable in the waves and feel more confident that you can handle rougher water. You will be more comfortable edging for a turn. You will need to practice what you learn to get a reliable brace.

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