Kayak Lessons Greenland Paddle

Save Yourself A Lot Of Frustrations And Learn The Proper Way To Use The Greenland Paddle

This course is specifically for those who are interested in learning to use the Greenland paddle

  • You will learn the differences between the Euro blade and the Greenland paddle
  • You will learn how to make the necessary adjustments if you are used to the Euro blade and you want to switch, to make sure you are using your Greenland paddle efficiently
  • You will learn the key principals of an efficient forward stroke, and how to use your core muscles with the Greenland paddle to give your stroke more power and speed
  • You will learn to integrate this powerful stroke with turning and bracing so that everything feels natural and effortless
  • You will learn how to adjust your foot braces and your thigh braces to make your kayak fit you
  • You will learn how to avoid the energy draining habits like moving water

At the end of this course you should know how to paddle efficiently, using your strong core muscles, so that you can paddle effortlessly. You will need to keep practicing these skills to truly master them.

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