Layback Roll: The Easiest Way To Learn To Roll A Kayak

This course is for those who want an easy to learn an easy to execute roll. You will learn to use body position and the water to help you roll up effortlessly to give you are roll that is reliable

  • You will learn how to adjust your kayak braces to allow for the movement that is key for rolling (also key to paddling and turning and anything else you want to do in your kayak)
  • You will learn the fundamentals of an efficient roll
  • You will learn to control the edging of the kayak so that it stops pushing you underwater, and instead allows you to float to the surface
  • You will learn to go from floating on the surface to getting up over the deck of the kayak in a smooth effortless move
  • You will learn to use these same movements to do a powerful high brace that doesn’t put your shoulders at risk of injury. And this high brace is multiple times more powerful than the more commonly taught method

At the end of this course you should know how to lay on the water without sinking. How to go from upside down and come back up either on the same side or do a complete roll. You will know how to stop a capsize before you go upside down. You will have to practice what you learn here before you become a master at it.

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