Kayak Lessons Turning Stroke Advanced

Advanced Turning Techniques

This course is specifically for those who are interested in turning faster, with less effort

  • You will learn to adjust your foot and thigh braces to allow the necessary movement that make turning easy
  • You will learn how to move your hips to power all your turning strokes, so that you can avoid the shoulder pains
  • You will learn build on the sweep turn and do a bow draw to make a quick effortless turn
  • You will learn to how to always have a low brace ready to catch you where you are edging for a turn
  • You will learn how to do a crossbow draw that feels stable and powerful
  • You will learn what to do with your bodyweight to help you make a quicker tighter turn, without having to use more energy
  • You will learn to integrate your bow turns with your forward stroke to make it all feel smooth and natural

At the end of this course you should know how to make an efficient turn without putting any strain on your shoulders. You will know how to feel comfortable edging your kayak for turning, even in the waves. You will need to keep practicing these skills to truly master them.

If you are interested in this course please sign up for one of the dates below

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