Basic Turning Techniques

This course is specifically for those who are interested in turning faster, with less effort

  • You will learn to adjust your foot and thigh braces to allow the necessary movement that make turning easy
  • You will learn how to move your hips to power all your turning strokes, so that you can avoid the shoulder pains
  • You will learn how to make an effective sweep stroke to turn the kayak, and how to move your body so that you are ready for a quick brace if you just in case you go too far
  • You will learn how to edge your kayak without the risk of a capsize
  • You will learn what to do with your bodyweight to help you make a quicker tighter turn, without having to use more energy

At the end of this course you will have a strong understanding of how to move your body for a powerful automatic brace. You will be a lot more comfortable in the waves and feel more confident that you can handle rougher water. You will be more comfortable edging for a turn. You will need to practice what you learn to get a reliable brace.

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