The Bib Dry Pants are designed to mate with the tuilik for full protection

Or they can be worn on their own

Starting at $289 CAD
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I designed the dry pants to seal with the tuilik to keep you dry, even if you roll upside down when you have water in your kayak

A few other benefits

  • No need to worry about where you sit and kneel with the heavy cordura patches on the knees and bottom
  • Comes with an optional relief zipper
  • You can order them with or without the sewn on waterproof feet
  • Made with the same tough waterproof/breathable fabric as the tuilik
  • Comes with the optional tunnel that will mate to the tuilik

"I have one of Paulo's tuiliks and also a pair of his bib dry pants that roll onto the tunnel in the tuilik for a nice seal. These garments are made with excellent care and attention to detail and have proved to be an outstanding combination for paddling."

- Bill Buckingham
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