Sealed at the face, wrist, and cockpit, the tuilik will keep you warmer  and more comfortable then any other kayaking wear


How to master advanced bracing techniques, and the kayak roll, without having to get cold or even get you hair wet practicing.

Plus you will know how to practice every time you go kayaking, even if you paddle on a cold winter day

You may think you've tried all the kayaking clothing options. Maybe you had a drytop, or even a drysuit

Good news: today you will discover another option that will make taking your skills to the expert level more easy than ever before

Picture in your mind how much more skilled a kayaker you will be once you finally keep your neck and head warm, so you can relax when you roll.

Plus: Now that you can do so in comfort, imagine practicing every time you kayak, instead of being limited to a few pool sessions a year.

Before I give you more details, however, I'm going to share a rather embarrassing story with you...


You know, a lot of folks think kayak skills came easy for me

I can remember paddling into a quiet and hidden cove to practice my bracing and rolling. Hidden because i was embarrassed at how clumsy I was in the kayak, and how long it was taking me to develop simple skills that I now teach people in 10 minutes or less.

I would put on as many layers as I could under a dry top, and try doing a balance brace, with a paddle float at the end of my paddle, and i would still get pushed under by the kayak, and find myself having to do a wet exit.

Of Course some water came in, and even though i was wearing a 5mm thick diving hood on my head, i lost so much heat that i became dangerously close to hypothermia in less than 20 minutes.

I decided that i needed a dry suit. and what surprised me is that i still got cold. Plus putting on that neck gasket was torture for me. Paddling in this outfit was so uncomfortable it took all the fun out of kayaking.

I thought there had to be a solution.

And after searching I realized there wasn't anything on the market for a kayaker who wanted to be comfortable kayaking all day, and be just as comfortable taking a break, relaxing into a balance brace, and doing a few rolls, and then keep on paddling.

This is a System that allows ordinary kayakers to rapidly develop their skills. Because now that you can be comfortable in the water, you can relax. And all of a sudden doing a balance brace is easy, because relaxing gives you the flexibility you need.

Plus learning to roll comes naturally when you can relax into a balance brace almost every-time you go for a paddle.

I wanted to develop my skills quickly

And I had to make my own gear to do it

And now, you can experience this same success for yourself, using this proven protective clothing.

The problem why it's so hard for us to learn outstanding bracing and rolling techniques is not because of a lack of natural athletic ability.

It's really not your fault that you can't remember what to do when immersing your head under water gives you instant Cold Shock followed by an ice cream headache.

You may have heard, or perhaps even believed at one point, that if only you had a dry suit you could stay warm and relax even with your head under freezing cold water.

And you know what? It doesn't work at all.

So many of us got a dry suit believing that it would allow us to get comfortable and relax under water. We thought it would allow us to painlessly practice our bracing skills and rolling skills.

It just doesn't work because a dry suit doesn't protect your neck or your head from the cold water. And if you want to bring out your full flexibility you need to be able to relax, and stay warm.

If you really want to blame something for your slow progress, your fear of capsizing, your inability to feel like your kayak is a part of you,

Blame your gear

The TRUTH is that without complete neck and head protection you can't feel comfortable with your head underwater, and this is the biggest obstacle holding you back from being the bracing and rolling expert you want to be.

Without the right gear, you are left practicing rolling in the pool, a few times a year. In conditions that are in no way similar than those you will find yourself in when capsizing in real life.

Or worst you end up doing what I had to do when I started, and practice in the freezing cold water, and take years to learn what you could easily master in a few outings, just because you can't relax...

And you are not even having fun trying

Now that you know the problem…that your rolling skills have been held back for years due to these limitations in your kayak gear.

It's time to have a look at the solution

First, you absolutely must avoid cold water on your head and neck. And wearing a neoprene diving hood like I started with will not do.

If you don't avoid this, you will experience cold shock when you dip your head in cold water. Your body will tighten up from the cold, and you will lose your most important asset when it comes to getting a powerful brace and an effortless roll... Your flexibility

You will not be able to or willing to practice doing a few braces every time you go out paddling. Why would you want to be wet and cold for the rest of the trip?

And without regular practice you simply can't develop the same expert like kayak control that you could be enjoying if you were staying dry and comfortable.

Just by keeping your head and neck protected you will see your skills jump to the next level.

Imagine: You can now relax into a balance brace several times and every time you go kayaking.

You can do a few rolls every time the group stops for a break, so that your skills are always staying fine tuned, and even improving.

And now that you can relax underwater you have no problems practicing more advanced bracing techniques that will keep you safer in rough water, and earn you the respect you deserve for being a distinguished kayaker

People will look at you in amazement as you roll and brace like an expert, even if you have been kayaking only for a short time.

Now, how would you like to actually ENJOY learning to brace and roll like the elite kayaker?

Many folks believe you have to force yourself to practice rolling. They want the safety of having a bombproof roll, but practicing is just plain painful. Up until now.

Just imagine what kind of kayaker you will look like when practicing rolling becomes something you ENJOY:

Just picture it: You go for a short paddle on a beautiful day, you stop in a nice cove, and after relaxing into a balance brace for a stretch, you decide to do a few rolls to cool off, or just because you feel like it.

Your friends will be STUNNED when they see you effortlessly achieving such an elegant and effortless roll when they still act as if rolling is a scary thing that you only do in the pool.

Not only that, now that you are comfortable rolling, you feel confident when the wind comes up and you end up having to go through some rough water.

Enjoying the journey is the key to staying on the path, and this simple piece of gear will get you there fast!

And, it gets even better:

All while you 'magically' develop expert like kayaking skills fast, you can now paddle all day in comfort.

Not only do you not have a neck gasket to strangle you, and keep the heat locked in on a hot day,

You can now look forward to the wind, and spray in your face.

Because now that your neck and head are protected by a completely windproof and waterproof hood, you can paddle in the freezing cold spray and stay toasty warm while doing it.

I think you'll agree that I covered some really key needs that you must meet if you want to develop your kayak skills fast.

Essentially, you have 2 choices and regardless, you will choose one of the two today:

Choice 1: Continue trying to achieve advanced kayak skills without the gear that was specifically designed to make it a snap.

Who knows? You may do just fine without any extra gear than what you already have.

Or, consider the wiser choice Choice #2, which will ENSURE your learn to brace and roll much faster.

Hi, I'm Paulo Ouellet, the creator of the Comfort Paddling Tuilik

The Ultimate gear to master your kayak skills while staying warm and comfortable, without getting strangled by a neck gasket

Based on a time tested, proven, and efficient Inuit design, but made of the same waterproof/breathable material you find on all the respectable top quality dry tops.

Generously cut to allow the total freedom of movement you need to develop your kills quickly, while avoiding the clammy feeling you get in a top that is tighter or that stops the hot air from escaping at the neck

And speaking of encouraging flexibility. One of the most crucial advantage of the tuilik is that the skirt is attached.

Not only does this give you complete freedom of movement...

without having a skirt that uncomfortably squeezed your torso, and leaves you sweaty underneath.

You will find that with no holes above the skirt for water to get in, your kayak now stays a lot dryer when you take on water from larger waves that wash over  board, or when you do a lot of rolling.

The success of the Greenland style rollers can now be duplicated by you. With gear that is not limited to rolling practice.

The Comfort Paddling Tuilik is customized to fit you and your kayak, and works with a keyhole cockpit or an ocean cockpit,

To give you the most comfortable experience whether you are kayaking or rolling or both.

So, if you're wanting the REAL ANSWER to developing outstanding kayak skills, and you want to be comfortable paddling so you can get the most pleasure from your trips.

Then The Comfort Paddling Tuilik may be the solution for you!

  • Enjoy total freedom of movement with no spray skirt squeezing your torso and limiting your rotation
  • No more cold shock everytime you do a roll because of the waterproof hood
  • No more getting cold when the wind picks up and starts to blow spray in your face. Put that hood on and you are protected
  • The Tuilik is not equipped with an uncomfortable neck gasket. It has an adjustable hood that can be tightened to keep your head dry even when fully immersed
  • Alternatively, you can tighten the face seal around your neck for a semi dry seal. Great for cooling off on a warmer day
  • With the hood down it is comfortable around the neck, and allows more hot air to escape then a neck gasket. You don't have to get too hot and sweaty on a warmer day

"It fits perfectly and I tried it on the water doing a few rolls, sculling supports and braces. I was completely dry and did not even get my hair wet!"

- David Edworthy

Avoid Getting Hot And Sweaty

  • The waterproof/breathable fabric will keep you from getting wet from your own sweat by allowing your perspiration to escape

Know That You Won't Get Cold And Wet No Matter How Windy Or Rough It Gets

  • There is enough room underneath the Tuilik to fit a fleece hoodie or two if necessary
  • The taped seams keep the water out
  • No water dripping down your arms thanks to the latex gaskets
  • With the Tuilik hood down, hot air can escape, and you get to stay more comfortable
  • Put the hood on and you instantly feel how well it holds the heat in
  • This garment is made for the serious kayaker, and will keep you warm in all conditions
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