What If You Have To Do A Wet Exit?

  • This Tuilik is equipped with a tunnel (optional) which can be rolled with a similar tunnel on the dry pants
  • This combination will allow you to re-enter your kayak safely if you have to do a wet exit
  • If you have water in your kayak when you roll upside down, the water will not drip on your shirt and get you wet, due to the tunnel

Here Is A Video Of A Wet Exit And Re-entry While Wearing The Tuilik And Pants Combo.

Go Ahead And Work On Developing Your Skills, The Tuilik Will Not Try To Stop You

  • Focusing on technique is a lot easier without cold water in your ears
  • No need to go to the pool to practice rolling and bracing; with the Tuilik you can practice your roll in cold water anytime you want
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Because The Tuilik Is One Piece, No Separate Spray Skirt, A Lot Less Water Will Enter Your Kayak When The Waves Are Washing Over The Deck, Or When You Practice Rolling

  • The neoprene rim of the Tuilik is effective at keeping the water out, and since it is attached to the rest of the garment, there is nowhere else for the water to come in

“His attention to detail in terms of design and workmanship is extraordinary as is his service ethic”

- Brad Atchison

“I'm wearing his paddling bibs daily, and love his Akuilisaq and Tuiliks. I can attest to the quality of his workmanship and designs. The gear that comes off his sewing machine is the best I've encountered... Each piece designed, hand-made, tested, modeled, and custom tailored in Canada by Paulo... “

- Daniel Longboat Shortboat
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