I have one of Paulo's tuiliks and also a pair of his bib dry pants that roll onto the tunnel in the tuilik for a nice seal. These garments are made with excellent care and attention to detail and have proved to be an outstanding combination for paddling.

Bill Buckingham

I went with a spray skirt for my ocean cockpit Greenland boat. I love it! No water gets in my boat while rolling, and the fit is perfect- easy on, easy off. The light weight is wonderful and it dries in a heartbeat. The craftsmanship is top notch, and I just can't think of anything that could make it any better. Thanks Paulo 🙂


Hey Paulo
Got the Tuilik yesterday and went out for a paddle and some rolls.
Very comfortable paddling and not a drop of water while rolling. Best investment I have made apart from the kayak itself.

Douglas Blue

I got my tuilik from Paulo over a year ago. Prior to this I exclusively wore dry suits and used a spray skirt. When I started to spend more time rolling I quickly found the dry suit sprayskirt combination to be restricting my movement and I got tired of freezing my head and ears in the cold water. I bought the tuilik with the idea of only using it for rolling. I liked so much that I have not worn my dry suit since. The tuilik provides a great feeling of freedom whether rolling or everyday paddling and my head has been warm and dry ever since. This tuilik is a fantastic piece of gear that takes paddling to the next level.

Dan Gedosch

Hi, I wanted to give an enthusiatic and public round of applause to Paulo and Comfort Paddling. I'm wearing his paddling bibs daily, and love his Akuilisaq and Tuiliks. I can attest to the quality of his workmanship and designs. The gear that comes off his sewing machine is the best I've encountered... Each piece designed, hand-made, tested, modeled, and custom tailored in Canada by Paulo...

Daniel Longboat Shortboat

I am very happy with my Comfort Tuilik. It is a good design, it's well made, it is comfortable and great value for the money. I really like the tough 3 layer material with hard wearing nylon on the inside. I use it regularly for rolling and it makes a great raincoat on overnight trips. Thanks Paulo!

Gerhardt Lepp

I have had my Comfort Paddling Tuilik now for 1 year and it remains my paddling top of choice. So much so that I have now asked Paulo to make me another one to fit my large cockpit boats! My tuilik has an inner skirt that can be rolled into my Bib pants for a watertight connection

Mike Jackson

I have been canoeing, whitewater kayaking, and sea kayaking for about 44 years and have seen the origins and evolution of the sport. Why did it take decades for northern paddling technology to make it way to “southern paddlers” in the form of the tuilik!

I have Paulo’s tuilik as well as “Hoodie” and drysuit pants (which he is just starting to market). His attention to detail in terms of design and workmanship is extraordinary as is his service ethic. The tuilik’s breathable and waterproof fabric works! So does the adjustable, form-fitting hood, particularly when rolling. This garment, especially combined with the pile, inner “Hoodie”, is very warm (not uncomfortable) in cold and wet weather.

Apart from comfort under adverse weather paddling conditions, I would also view this gear as having a safety aspect to it, especially for wilderness trippers (re: hypothermia).

I believe whitewater kayakers, paddling in colder climates or seasons of the year, would also find this gear very useful.

Brad Atchison

I have been wearing your tuilik throughout the winter. I prefer it to my drysuit. It is beautifully roomy and very warm. I am warmer in my tuilik and wetsuit on the beach than I am when I wear my drysuit. And you can’t forget the cool factor. All black, black boat, very cool.

Dorothea Hoffman

It fits perfectly and I tried it on the water doing a few rolls, sculling supports and braces.
I was completely dry and did not even get my hair wet!
Also, as I suspected, some rolls and braces are easier in the tuilik than when wearing a drysuit.

David Edworthy

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