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Would you invest 1 dollar to put an end to struggling to become a better kayaker, and use proven shortcut exercises to remove the barriers to learning, and finally sharpen your skills and have the freedom to paddle where and with whom  you choose?

Would you like to see what skills and what specific exercises are giving kayakers breakthroughs in their bracing, rolling, and turning?

Let  2016 be the year to get your kayaking skills handled. For $1

Would you be interested in a more efficient forward stroke, so that you can paddle all day, and still have enough energy left to set up camp, and make dinner.

Or do you feel like your brace is less than solid, and fear it may not be there automatically to get you out of trouble when the wind comes up.

Or what if you could distinguish yourself as a high caliber kayaker by edging and leaning your kayak fearlessly, because you now have a reliable brace in place, ready to stop a capsize if you go too far.

Would you be interested in feeling comfortable when you do go over? Instead of having the kayak pushing you underwater out of control, just lay there, relax, and breath.

Or maybe you would like to roll effortlessly, but the lessons you took from certified instructors left you feeling like you just don’t have the coordination or flexibility to ever use the techniques consistently in rough conditions.

Hi I’m Paulo ouellet and for a single dollar, just 1 dollar,  I’m going to give you access to all my online training courses and show you simple to do exercises for developing each skill that made it possible for me to have better kayak control,  feel comfortable in rough water, and have the freedom to go on any trips that I choose.

If you are the kind of person who likes shortcuts, and you want to have your skills ready in time for a summer trip, then this video will probably be the most important you watch all year. And yes this is all for the investment of 1 dollar. And I will explain more about that in just a minute.

When I started kayaking 15 years ago, I practiced the commonly taught methods, that include being tight in your kayak. The instructions I received  did not include any explanation of what needs to go on under the skirt.  My brace was never fast and strong enough to stop a capsize, and my paddle was often too deep and sinking to give support. When doing a high brace, the kayak pushed me under, until my paddle was so deep I could do nothing to get myself back up. I had to do another dreaded wet exit. When learning the bow draw turns, I felt like I was not in control of the edging, and because I was sitting so tight in the kayak, and I didn’t know how to  move my lower body to stay in control, there was no gracefulness to my strokes. Again I spent a lot of time practicing the self rescue.

Everything changed for me when I found out there was a different way. I stumbled across traditional greenland kayak skills that presented a way of kayaking that involved moving my whole body to power a brace, or a roll. A way that used hip and body rotation and natural flexibility to easily stop the kayak from working against you, and instead just float there effortlessly. A way that built into the very way I paddled an automatic powerbrace, so that there was no more accidental capsizes.

To my surprised that opened up everything for me. Now I could edge and let the natural curve of the kayak hull do the work of turning the kayak, without wasting energy with a skeg, or straining myself by forcing a turn with a paddle stroke.

But there was no easy to follow path to that success. I had to work at it for years, developing exercises that would eventually give me much more kayak control than I ever dreamed possible. You see I’m not an athlete, or all that flexible or coordinated, so learning these skills didn’t come easily, but with the help of some very simple easy to do exercises I quickly developed my skills, and gained the freedom to venture further into the more remote places that were calling me. And feel safe and at home there.

The Same Exercises I Teach My One On One Students

Countless people asked me to teach them these skills, and they had instant success where most people still struggle after 15 years of practicing and taking regular lessons.

I now teach these very techniques using the same but more evolved version of the exercises. And the results are striking. A skill that most kayakers still butcher after 10 years, can now be master in a few sessions. And these skills are not commonly taught by certified kayak instructors.

It’s not your fault if your brace is not there fast enough to stop a capsize, or if rolling seems like it’s only for the younger or the more agile. Or if your forward stroke lacks power and ease. It is likely that you were never taught how to move with your kayak to make learning these breakthrough techniques feel natural.

But I don’t want you to take my word for it, try these out, and if they don’t work for you let me know within 30 days, and you don’t pay a thing, and I will even give you your dollar back.

Most kayakers are taught to be tight in the kayak, which leaves no room to move the hips.

If you can’t use your hips to power the forward stroke, it’s like  a boxer who is not allowed to move at the hips. He would have no punching power.

By giving yourself more room to move, and learning how to move yourself and the kayak you not only get a more powerful forward stroke, but you also put your body in the right place to power a brace that actually works.

You can now rotate your body and keep the kayak off of you so that instead of pushing you under when you capsize, you simply float to the surface where you can breath.

There is no more forcing a roll. Now that your kayak is working with you, rolling up doesn’t require upper body strength, or coordination. Or a strong paddle. Just an easy movement in your body results with you coming up effortlessly.

What if you are just getting started, not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on lessons.

Where can you find simple step by step exercises that will give you these time proven skills.

I’m not just talking about greenland style rolling here. I’m talking about integrating all the traditional skills to make you stand out as an exceptional  modern kayaker.

Without spending a lot of money, and having to wait for the expert to come around your neck of the woods.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the video, I would like to give you the opportunity to learn the mindsets, special techniques, and learning aids that I systematically use to teach my one on one students.

I put together this membership site to make it easily accessible and affordable for everyone. And today I want to give you access to all of it for just $1 and that’s it.

You get access to my training for a fraction of the cost of taking a live lesson with me.

Here is a sample of what you will get

In the Rapid Brace Formula video course:

  • Stop limiting yourself with the commonly taught methods of bracing that simply requires too much coordination and speed to be effective, and instead learn to move your body in a way that not only multiplies the effectiveness of everything you do with your kayak, but also gives you that automatic low brace that is part of how you kayak, to give the confidence to handle yourself in rough water, and makes it obvious to your friends that you are ready to get invited to that expedition of a lifetime
  • Instantly force your friends to put you in the high skill category by learning how to move your body so that you kayak feels like a part of you, and finally impress your friends by mastering that high brace that lets you just lay there and relax on the water, instead of a high brace that leaves you fighting with your boat as it tries to push your head under
  • Stop worrying about the possibility of needing help getting yourself out of the water after a capsize, and Learn to always have a high brace as a backup for when your low brace fails, and learn to use the low brace and high brace together and put an end to even caring about whether or not you are upright

In the layback roll video course:

  • Stop feeling like a failure by practicing the most commonly taught and difficult to learn all or nothing rolls that leave you upside down when it fail, killing any confidence you may have about rolling in rough water. And instead take the skills you learn in this bracing video course and apply them to learning a truly effortless roll that keeps you in control every step of the way
  • Few skills will make you stand out as a competent kayaker, like a well executed roll that actually works in rough water

In the Core Skills Of Kayaking Video Course:

  • Learn the easy to practice exercises that will make you master the few core kayaking skills, and boost exponentially all kayak techniques as a result
  • It will add power to your forward stroke so that you can keep up to your friends without even feeling tired at the end of the day
  • You will learn to put your kayak on edge and hold it there steady so that you can carve and expert like turn without risking a capsize
  • You will add tremendous power to your brace and roll by developing the lower body movement that almost no one talks about

In the kayak Maneuvering Video Course:

  • Stop proving yourself to be a novice by doing only sweep strokes to turn, and start to turn on a dime, even in the wind, because now that you have a quick brace as backup, you are comfortable keeping your kayak on edge and letting it do the work

In learn to use the greenland paddle video course:

  • Learn what changes you must make to use the greenland paddle efficiently, so that you don’t end up with a slow awkward forward stroke that makes people need to wait up for you. And Give you a hard time for being different. Instead learn to use this quiet and efficient paddle to conserve energy, and have extra to spare for setting up camp, and making dinner, and never again get past over for a dream trip because your friends decided you can’t keep up
  • If you feel like you are stuck at the same skill level, and you don’t believe you can get past it because you have a few extra pounds, or you fear you are too old to learn high coordination moves, you owe it to yourself to let me take all the risk and try these shortcut exercises, and make 2016 the year that you transform yourself into the paddler you need to be to have the freedom to choose where you paddle, and who you paddle with

Now obviously this will not work for everyone

If you are one of those people who are not willing to try something a little different, than these courses may not work for you. And that’s why I’m taking all the risk out of it. Try it for a whole month, for just one dollar, and if it’s not for you no problem. Send me an email and you get your dollar back.

Here is the thing, it really pains me to watch kayakers practice a brace or roll, using a technique that simply will not work in rough water, or it just requires too much coordination for most of us

I want to see you beleive in yourself, and develop the skills that will keep you upright in the waves, and leave you feeling comfortable paddling in the wind.

And I truly believe that with a different approach, and technique, you can quickly get the skills you need to keep yourself safe. I’m committed to helping you get the results that you want

If you join now, and you like the courses, which i think you will, at the end of the 30 days, do nothing, and you will be charged 2 payments of 45 . That’s half the regular price for all the courses

That’s it you get the whole thing at a 50% discount. and you get to try it all out for a dollar to make sure it’s a good fit for  you. Now I can’t think of a more fair offer then that.

I’ve never made an offer like this before, and I don’t know how it will work out, so I don’t know if I will ever do this again. So take advantage of it.

You can start to learn these breakthrough exercises literally in minutes from now


  • Getting invited to the trip of a lifetime and feeling confident that you can handle it. Imagine the stories you will be telling, instead of listening to other people’s stories, and wishing you could have been there
  • What if you could paddle through rough water that scares everyone else but doesn’t even phase you because you know you have the bracing power to keep yourself from capsizing Now you have the freedom to decide where you kayak

I want to make it easy for you to get the skills, by giving you the same exercises that have worked so well with my one on one students, but without the expense, and the inconvenience of traveling

You can develop your skills at your own pace, with simple to do exercises that give you every steps.

See instant progress,  so that it builds your confidence

If you don’t take advantage of this offer,

You could be continuing to waste your precious time practicing techniques that don’t even work when you need them. Like a brace that you can’t possibly deploy in time to keep you from capsizing. Or a roll that requires a hard well coordinated hip snap. And as you know if a wave hits you at just the right time, when you are in that vulnerable position you are going back under. There is an easier way.

Join for $1 and get full access for a full 30 days

Just click the button below, fill out a few details for registrations, and I will see you inside the member’s area.

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