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Wet Exit With Tuilik

I prefer rolling but I felt I had to try it. I hear a lot of people saying that you are in trouble if you come out of your kayak while wearing a tuilik. Because the Comfort Paddling tuilik has an extry tunnel on the inside, you don’t have the problem of it filling up with water.

2 thoughts on “Wet Exit With Tuilik

  1. Paulo,
    Great little instructional video. Just a tip re: fine-tuning the self rescue paddle float technique. Refinement: It’s preferable to do the body rotation, corkscrewing back into the boat cockpit, while twisting TOWARD the paddle float (where the floatation is).

    1. Do you mean by putting one foot in the cockpit and rotating yourself in? So that if you are on the left side of the kayak, you put your right foot in, and rotate in? I will try that next time.

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